Use: When concrete cures at temperatures above 70 ° F the following occurs:
Loss of strength
More cracking
Rapid setting(need to finish quickly)
Increased water demand


These detrimental effects can be offset by cooling the aggregate (water chilling or using ice in place of water in the mix of cement and aggregate.

Turbo equipment application:

Modular Ice makers(C-Line/MHG), rake storage bins, Pneumatic delivery systems(Blower, rotary valve and control systems) for concrete mix.
HTD plate fluid chillers for water chilling
Thermal Energy Storage(HP and ATS) for water chilling.


Turbo fragmented ice benefits:
Quick release of BTU’s to the cement mix.
No lumping of ice product
Variable ice thickness control for desired ice type
Storage and delivery systems to integrate in to any plant process

Chilled water benefits:

Used to cool aggregate prior to mixing
Generated from the Thermal Energy Storage system
HTD fluid chiller can be used produce chilled water
33 ° F water temperature available for chilling
Use off peak energy with TES systems

Typical applications

Dams for inland reservoirs
River lock and dam systems
Highway construction
Large general construction pours

Also required where:

Critical strength specifications for concrete must be met
High ambient temperatures are experienced
Areas where aggregate temperatures are high