Q: What is the smallest capacity ice machine offered by Vogt Ice?
A: The HES20 Series rated at 2000lbs of ice per 24hrs.

Q: What is the largest capacity ice machine offered by Vogt Ice?
A: The ATS 8-120 rated at 600 tons of ice per 24hrs.

Q: Are Vogt machines Energy Star rated?
A: Yes, Vogt is an Energy Star Partner and proud to offer the lowest cost per pound ice machine on the market.

Q: Does a Vogt machine really last 25 years?
A: Yes, in fact many Vogt machines are still in operation in excess of 30 years. Vogt offers the best warranty in the business – 25 years on Tube-Ice evaporators.

Q: Does Vogt offer other equipment than ice machines?
A: Yes, Vogt offers ice rakes with storage bins, automatic and manual block presses, ice sizers and falling film chillers for a variety of industrial applications.

Q: What are the types of ice offered by Vogt Ice equipment?
A: Sized Tube-Ice, crushed ice, dual ice (see next Q & A), fragmented ice, cracked ice and cutterless (Tube).

Q: Does Vogt offer a machine that produces both Tube-Ice and crushed ice?
A: Yes, the “dual ice” feature is an option on the HES Series, P112F Series and the P118F Series.

Q: Is the crushed ice option available on the P18XT?
A: Yes, but only on the 1-1/8” and 1-3/8” ice diameter models.

Q: What are the different ice diameter sizes available on Vogt Tube-Ice machines?
A: 7/8”, 1-1/8”, 1-3/8”, 1-5/8”, 1-3/4”. (Note: check product spec sheets for specific model availability)

Q: Does Vogt offer a self-contained air-cooled ice machine?
A: Vogt offers skid mounted air-cooled units in the VT-Series. All other models are remote air-cooled.

Q: Does Vogt offer a “cutterless” option Tube-Ice machine?
A: Yes, the cutterless option is available on the P24AL, P34AL and the P42AL Series.

Q: Does Vogt offer an ice machine for operation on single phase electrical current?
A: No, all Vogt ice machines operate on 3-phase electrical current.

Q: Is operation on 460v. electrical current more energy efficient than 230v.?
A: No, the electrical consumption is the same. However, initial installation cost for 460.v equipment may be less due to the lower amp rating.

Q: What is the maximum number of Turbo Modular units controlled by a single master panel?
A: Current maximum configured is 18 modules. Consult factory for a larger quantity needed.