TURBO: A leadership company in a corporate family of Industry Leaders

TURBO Refrigerating Company was founded in 1952 to provide specialized ice making and industrial refrigeration systems. TURBO pioneered itself as the leading world supplier of this technology, having built over 70% of the industrial ice harvesting capacity for consumer packaged ice. Today TURBO is the world leader in ice harvesting Thermal Storage Systems and industrial chillers, each a recognized leader in its specialized field.

Unlike other thermal energy storage systems, the TURBO ice harvesting design uses an ice-making surface that is completely separate from the ice storage tank. The ice-making surface consists of stainless steel plates that are welded together to form computer-designed internal channels for controlled flow of refrigerant. Water is distributed uniformly over the outside of the plates. Theplates are grouped vertically in modules directly above the ice storage tank. Ice forms on both sides in sheets 1/4″ inch thick. Then, at predetermined intervals, hot refrigerant enters the plates, causing the ice to break away and drop into the tank. The ice breaks into small pieces in the tank.